Bee Removal Corona

This bee hive is attached to the wood roof sheeting. This hive is about two months old.

Live Bee Removal, Relocation and Repair in Corona CA

What we sometimes construe as pests, is actually needed by Mother Nature for survival. The beautiful flora and fauna cannot survive without the help from honeybees. Yes, that is right! Bees are needed for pollination and help in the evolution and growth of various types of flowers and plants.

Little do we know that bees are actually harmless creatures, unless attacked. They have a tendency of building their hives in and around homes in Corona, or in yards with adequate greenery. To us, they may come as a potential threat, as stings can be dangerous and painful for children and pets. Without intending to harm them, often it may be by pure accident that one may land up infuriating them or bumping into the hive. The result is obvious, stings and attacks from, 4000-5000 bees!

Often you may find the hives on walls, roofs, chimneys and even trees at your home in Corona. Instead of trying to poke at the hive or the honeycomb for removal, or trying to remove them yourself, it is always good to take professional removal help from We Save Bees in Corona. It is not just about bee removal, but also protecting your home and the surroundings in general. Once the removal of bees has been completed, the honey in the honeycomb melts thereby being a cause of permanent and stubborn stains and damage. Therefore, it is important to perform bee removal correctly and using proper technique.

Live Bee Removal the Professional Way in Corona CA

We Save Bees in Corona understands your problem and makes sure that bee removal is done by hand and the residues from the hives are completely cleaned. The smells of the honey, which can be a potential cause of attracting more bees or other pests, is completely removed. In addition, the hives are donated to bee keepers.

It is our way of protecting the environment, while also protecting you and your loved ones from them! Call us at (951) 398-3131 or click HERE for a free estimate.